The 2022 Model Year Blowout is ON NOW! Get Yours Before They're Gone! SHOP NOW

The 2022 Model Year Blowout is ON NOW! Get Yours Before They're Gone! SHOP NOW

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Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a new car but contemplating what to do with your old vehicle? Metro Chrysler believes in streamlining the trade-in process. This blog post answers the common questions about trading in a car. If you prefer to speak with us, contact us anytime.


How Much is My Car Worth?

A common question asked by many consumers is, "How much is my car worth?" the answer is simple. You can receive an estimated vehicle trade-in value from your own home or workplace by using our simple Value Your Trade-In calculator. It is important to keep in mind that a few things influence trade-in value, including mileage, mechanical situation, car features, condition of the exterior/interior, and the market situation.


How Do I Trade In a Car That's Not Paid Off?

Keep in mind that the debt on your vehicle will not get terminated simply because you choose to trade it in. To trade in a car that you don't own, start by figuring out how much you owe. If the balance of your vehicle loan is less than the trade-in offer, you will have money left over to use toward the purchase of a new car.


If the outstanding balance exceeds the trade-in offer, you can either pay it off in full, or you can roll it over into your next loan. Our financial experts would gladly walk you through the finance application steps.


Is it Better to Trade-In at a Dealership or Sell on Craigslist?

When selling a car privately, you need to account for the time and effort it might take. For example, you must post an ad, respond to inquiries, bargain with potential purchasers, and deal with title transfers. It may take weeks or even months to sell your car. When trading your vehicle in at a dealership, your time and effort are reduced significantly, allowing you more time to enjoy your new car search and less time haggling the sale of your old car.


Metro Chrysler is one of the finest spots to trade in a car; we will evaluate and appraise your car and make you and offer fair market value. And, best of all we will handle all the paperwork while you test drive vehicles of interest.