How Does the Anti-Spin Rear Differential Work in the Jeep Wrangler?

Pulling up to challenging terrains and performing adrenaline-inducing activities require specific tools to keep the drivers in charge and on track. The anti-spin rear axle provides power to both wheels, preventing "one wheel peel" while still allowing them to spin at different rates to help you to handle sharp corners. The anti-spin differential rear axle works so that wheels lock up and twist together at the same pace in poor traction circumstances. If one of the back wheels begins to lose traction, the other wheel will engage and keep the vehicle going. The Jeep Wranglers in our dealership at Metro Chrysler are available with an anti-spin rear differential to boost the iconic Jeep brand 4x4 experience.

What Exactly Is The Ram Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle?

The Ram Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle is a mechanical device designed to increase traction in the rear wheels. On slick surfaces, the anti-spin differential axle ensures that the rear wheels roll at the same pace.

Why Do I Need An Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle?

Access the value added to your driving experience with a built-in anti-spin effect for agility and safety. Jeepers require vehicles that provide traction in the wild, mountainous and slippery Yukon areas. The anti-spin differential rear axle is effective because it actively transfers friction to control turns better and keep wheels on the road when necessary.

Trac-Lok vs Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle Options

Trac-Lok technology offers rear-wheel traction whenever required. This signature component is linked with a transfer case that the driver can manually enable or disable. A traditional anti-spin differential rear axle regulates the spin rates in the rear wheels without the driver's intervention. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us; we would be delighted to assist you. Our web tools make buying parts and arranging service simple, so be sure to place your order for the powerful Trail Rated Jeep Wrangler model today.