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What Does Jeep Trail Rated Mean?

Jeep on a dirt trail

What Does Jeep Trail Rated Mean

Trail Rated

Jeep "Trail Rated" is a special badge of honour that only specific Jeep models receive during their production. All Jeep vehicles go through extensive development and testing. Still, vehicles given the Trail Rated badge handle the many elements that trails have to throw at them. Contact us or use our online CarFinder tool if you would like to learn more about the Trail Rated vehicles available to you.


Traction is important when navigating through slippery environments, and Trail Rated vehicles easily conquer these environments. Trail Rated Jeep 4WD models have been designed for optimal traction under a variety of conditions.

Water Fording

Water fording allows Jeep models to effortlessly move through high bodies of water that other SUV models can't move through effortlessly. Trail Rated vehicles are specifically designed to minimize and eliminate water damage across numerous Jeep parts.


It is crucial for an SUV to remain highly maneuverable under rigorous conditions. Manoeuvrability can be the difference between a 4WD stuck in the middle of nowhere and a driver making it home without any problems. From unique suspension components to modified body parts, Jeep Trail Rated models can retain their manoeuvrability under a variety of challenging conditions.


Articulation allows the wheels of a vehicle to stay precisely where they are supposed to stay, on the ground. The formulation of Jeep Trail Rated vehicles allows their wheels to remain firmly planted when the ground gets uneven. Special suspension components allow Jeep Trail Rated models to obtain greater articulation than most other SUV models.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is essential for any SUV model to have, especially on the trails. Jeep Trail Rated vehicles are designed with extra ground clearance so that the models can easily travel over whatever obstacles put in their paths.

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