The 2022 Model Year Blowout is ON NOW! Get Yours Before They're Gone! SHOP NOW

The 2022 Model Year Blowout is ON NOW! Get Yours Before They're Gone! SHOP NOW

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Finance Centre at Metro Chrysler

Here at Metro Chrysler, we host a variety of financing solutions available in-house. We encourage you to come to our dealership so that we can sit down with you and design a clear and straightforward financing plan. We provide car finance services, and we will make every effort to help you finance your new or used car purchase. Contact us and get pre-approved regardless of your credit history. It's that simple!


Welcome to the Finance Department. Here you can use our online form to get a quick and accurate response on financing your next vehicle. Your financing information is encrypted in a super-safe digital format and is never sent through E-Mail.


If you want more information on financing, the form below will send your contact information to our Finance Department and someone will contact you. If you are ready to complete a finance application, please click here.


The form is submitted using an HTTPS form action. All sensitive data is encrypted before transmission and is never sent as clear-text.

    Finance Application

    Finance Centre at Metro Chrysler

    When to Lease Vs Finance a Car



    If owning a new car every two or three years with the benefit of lower monthly payments appeals to you, taking leasing a car into consideration could be the way to go. Leasing comes with peace of mind of a continuously available warranty, and the latest cars advanced safety features. However, you need to be comfortable building ownership equity and trading in or selling used cars privately. And keep a couple of checkboxes checked like a consistent and reliable way of living and an average number of miles driven. You don't bother with proper automotive maintenance inconvenience.



    Financing a car gives you complete ownership, unlimited mileage, the freedom of personalized customization and is best if you plan to keep it long term. But, you need to factor in unexpected repair costs when the warranty expires and higher monthly payments. Visit our Finance Centre to explore your options.


    What If I Have Bad Credit?


    Life happens, and sometimes bad credit can be a byproduct. The team at Metro Finance Department understands that, and we know Canadians struggle at times. That's why we offer solutions designed to your specific needs.


    To set realistic expectations, bad credit usually hurts leasing more than financing. Bad Credit vehicle financing typically results in higher rates but maintaining these payments for up to 12 months will give you a better chance of repairing your credit and decreasing your interest rate. Now, when it comes to leasing, it's more limited due to the risk management evaluation of breaking a lease, aka not paying on time, and bad credit does not translate that well. Still, don't despair. It's not impossible, just harder.


    Start your credit application online, and then meet with our finance experts for a personalized credit consultation and tailored finance or lease to your unique situation.


    Your privacy is important to us.


    Metro Chrysler Ltd. takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. Read our privacy policy.