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The 2022 Model Year Blowout is ON NOW! Get Yours Before They're Gone! SHOP NOW

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UConnect 5 Connectivity & Features

Uconnect 5 Connectivity & Features

Uconnect 5 Connectivity & Features

At Metro Chrysler, we have the latest models in our new inventory that offer the most advanced technology features, such as the Uconnect 5 interface, which improves its features and processing times for seamless operation. If you wish to get a closer look and test this new system for yourself, contact us to book a test drive, and we will gladly walk you through everything it has to offer.

Uconnect 5 Connectivity & Features Explained


1. Faster System

The fifth-generation Uconnect system is five times fasters than the previous generation, giving you a smoother interface. It also has higher definition graphics to add to its intuitive user browsing experience.


2. Smarter System

When multiple drivers drive the same vehicle, this system comes in handy as it offers five user profiles, each saving preferences such as home menus and specific settings. This fully customizable system makes it easy to use, and you will find icons similar to smartphone devices. You can also connect two devices through Bluetooth simultaneously, and you can set privileges for each.


3. Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

The Uconnect 5 makes available Android Auto and Apple Carplay, giving you an effortless way to connect your specific smartphone device directly onto the infotainment system to enjoy your favourite entertainment media.


4. Enhanced Features

With this new system, you can also expect to have many enhanced features, such as Connected Services, online updates, precise navigation, and charging station information for electric vehicles. This system will learn and adapt to serve you better. You can also rely on it to remind you of vehicle maintenance and service.


Financing Options

If you are looking to get a new vehicle equipped with the Uconnect 5 multi-media interface, check out the many vehicles available and inquire about financing. You can bring your current vehicle in for a trade-in appraisal, and its value can go towards lowering your purchase price.

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