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Off-Roading Safety Tips for Whitehorse, YT

Red jeep off-roading in a sand

5 Off-Roading Rules and Safety Tips For Whitehorse, YT

Tip 1: Always Map Out Your Route

Off-roading driving can be full of unexpected mishaps. Experienced drivers will tell you to avoid trying to pave out one's own trail but instead follow the known path. That way, you'll at least know it's doable or the potential obstacles you'll have to tackle.

Tip 2: Tell Someone, Bring Someone

Tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back. Then, at the very least, they'll know when and where to start looking. And if you're planning on going all out and take on challenging terrains, it is best to bring your off-roading buddy with a similar robust 4x4 vehicle and make sure you equip a towing gear. Contact Us to learn more about the available equipment and packages you can load your vehicle with.

Tip 3: Go slow or Go Home

The general rule of thumb is to always stay on low gear, go slow and speed only when needed. For example, a little speed is sometimes necessary to ascend a slope or overcome a hazard. However, if you believe the challenge demands pumping the gas, you will most likely not succeed. And you're going to break something or get trapped.

Tip 4: Understand Your Vehicle

Learn your vehicle's capabilities by heart to engage its equipment correctly. Knowing your vehicle's ground clearance, underwater fording depth limit, how to connect or disconnect the crawl control, and hill descent safely will yield complete control and guide you on when to stop so you can enjoy the full experience. One important thing to note tho, make sure you inspect all the systems before setting out. The last thing you'd want to happen is to find out at the trail a fault in your all-wheel-drive system due to not being used in a while. Browse our extensive 4x4 Inventory and check out the vehicles power and their different features.

Tip 5 Be Prepared and Respectful

Bring some tools to assist you in getting out of bad situations, such as a hand winch, tow strap, high-lift jack, spare tire, woodblocks, and a first-aid kit. When the route is an active trail, always respect all signs, keep dust or mud splatter to a minimum, and approach carefully, leaving little to no evidence of your presence.

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