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The 2022 Model Year Blowout is ON NOW! Get Yours Before They're Gone! SHOP NOW

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Advantages Of All-Wheel-Drive

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Best 4 Advantages Of All-Wheel-Drive

We invite you to browse our new inventory at Metro Chrysler to explore the many all-wheel-drive vehicles available, giving you more traction and confidence as you drive through various road and weather conditions. If you are not familiar with how an all-wheel-drive vehicle drives, contact us to book a test drive and get more details about how it can benefit your daily commute.

Advantages Of All-Wheel-Drive


1. Improved Traction

When comparing an all-wheel-drive equipped model with a rear-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive model, you will find that it has more traction as it utilizes all four wheels to maintain traction. In a situation where a wheel might lose traction, the all-wheel-drive system has the opportunity to relocate power to the remaining wheels, whereas two-wheel-drive models will experience slipping.


2. Seamless Operation

When operating a vehicle with an all-wheel-drive drivetrain, you won't have to do any additional steps to get it to function. The all-wheel-drive system uses its computer to determine the necessary actions, and all you have to do is drive just like any other model without it.


3. Enhanced Acceleration

The all-wheel-drive system will provide optimal traction to keep you in control when accelerating in slippery and slushy conditions. This system improves traction by adjusting power output to the wheels with the most traction.


4. Maintains Resale Value

All-wheel-drive vehicles tend to be more sought-after, making them easier to resale than two-wheel-drive variants. Also, since all-wheel-drive is an option for many models, your vehicle will have a higher selling price than models without this drivetrain.


Financing Options

If you are in the market for an all-wheel-drive vehicle, make sure to reach out to our experts, and they can match you with the exact model that best suits your specific needs. Once you find your desired vehicle that you wish to make yours, reach out to our Finance Centre to view your financing options and consider bringing in a vehicle as a trade-in for further savings.

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