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Ram Canada: Ram Pickup Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Ram Canada: Ram Pickup Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Ram Canada offers a diverse lineup of pickup trucks and commercial vehicles designed to meet  the needs of Canadian drivers and businesses. There’s a Ram vehicle for every job, from the powerful and capable Ram 1500 to the rugged Ram Chassis Cab. 

Ram 1500


The Ram 1500 is undoubtedly the flagship pickup truck of the Ram Canada lineup. This versatile truck has gained a reputation for its impressive towing capacity, comfortable interior, and advanced technology features. The Ram 1500 can easily handle the task at hand, personal or commercial.

Its range of engine options sets the Ram 1500 apart from its competitors. One standout choice is the powerful V8 HEMI engine. With this engine under the hood, the Ram 1500 delivers excellent performance on and off the road. It offers a perfect blend of power and fuel efficiency, allowing drivers to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Ram 2500 and 3500

These heavy-duty trucks are purpose-built to handle tough jobs with ease. Equipped with robust engines and advanced suspension systems, the Ram 2500 and 3500 can effortlessly tow heavy loads without compromising comfort. Whether hauling construction equipment or towing a trailer, these trucks deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

The Ram 2500 and 3500 models boast advanced features to enhance the driving experience. From advanced towing technology to luxurious interiors, these trucks prioritize functionality and comfort. The spacious cabin offers ample seating and storage options.

Ram Chassis Cab


The Ram Chassis Cab is a standout offering from Ram Canada, specifically designed to cater to commercial use. It provides a highly customizable platform that can be adapted to suit various applications, such as construction, transportation, and utility services.

One of the key features that sets the Ram Chassis Cab apart is its ability to accommodate different bodies and upfit options. The chassis cabin can be tailored accordingly, whether it's a specialized flatbed body for hauling equipment, a service body for utility work, or any other requirement. 

Ram ProMaster


Moving on to the Ram ProMaster, this versatile commercial van offers ample cargo space and efficient performance. The ProMaster is designed to meet the demands of businesses that require a reliable and efficient transportation solution. It caters to many cargo and passenger transport requirements, making it a popular choice among businesses in delivery services, logistics, and transportation.

One of the key advantages of the Ram ProMaster is its wide range of configurations. With multiple roof heights and body lengths, businesses can customize the ProMaster with a higher roof height and the body length. This customization enables businesses to tailor the ProMaster to optimize operations and ensure efficient cargo and passenger transport.

Ram 1500 Classic

The Ram 1500 Classic is a noteworthy addition to the Ram lineup, offering the same power and capability as the Ram 1500 with a timeless and classic design. The Ram 1500 Classic stands out with its bold and iconic design elements while still providing the power and capability. It’s a testament to Ram's commitment to delivering a truck that performs exceptionally and captures the essence of classic styling.

Ram Electric Vehicles

The Ram 1500 REV is set to make a mark as an all-electric powerhouse. It’s expected to deliver impressive performance and efficiency, with a battery system that enables a significant range on a single charge. With its electric powertrain, the Ram 1500 REV BEV aims to offer both a sustainable and high-performance driving experience. This electric model is poised to revolutionize the truck market and provide an alternative option for drivers looking for electrification without compromising power and capability.

In addition to the Ram 1500 REV the Ramcharger REx is another highly anticipated electric model from Ram. This vehicle combines electric power with the range-extending benefits of an on-board generator. This innovative electric model offers the dual advantages of electric power and the flexibility to extend range when needed. It caters to the needs of drivers who require a larger vehicle with the benefits of electrification.

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Ram Canada's lineup of pickup trucks and commercial vehicles provides a wide range of options for drivers and businesses in Canada. Whether you need a tough truck for heavy-duty jobs or a versatile van for commercial use, Ram has you covered. With their powerful performance, advanced technology features, and customizable configurations, Ram vehicles are built to handle any task. Experience the power, durability, and innovation that make Ram vehicles a top choice for drivers across Canada. Contact Metro Chrysler Ltd in Whitehorse for the full range.

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