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Top 10 Money-Saving Driving Tips

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Top 10 Money-Saving Driving Tips

Driving is part of our daily routines. Whether it's running errands, commuting to work, or simply experiencing the pleasure of driving, driving can be costly in the long run. But it doesn't have to be! Here are our top 10 money-saving driving tips:

1.Avoid Idling

If you're wondering how to save gas while driving, idling the vehicle is a major gas guzzler. Idling for longer than 10 seconds uses more fuel than it takes to restart the engine. Unless you're stopped in traffic, switch the car off.

2.Maintain a Steady Speed

Driving at a consistent speed within the speed limit is a great driving technique that lowers your vehicle's fuel consumption. Use cruise control if possible and avoid high speeds since inconsistent speeds and higher speeds use up to 20% more fuel.

3.Choose Hybrid Vehicles

At Metro Chrysler in Whitehorse, YT, we have a selection of cars in our new inventory with excellent fuel efficiency. Vehicles with hybrid engines are great for both your wallet and the environment.

4.Optimize Your Tires

Find the right pressure for your tires and check it regularly. Under-inflated tires increase fuel consumption by up to 4% and can reduce the life of your tires and engine.

5.Schedule Regular Maintenance

Tune-ups for your brakes, fluids, and battery keep your vehicle is running smoothly. Regular maintenance saves you money by ensuring everything is functioning at peak efficiency.

6.Decrease Wind Resistance

Accessories such as roof racks and spoilers increase wind resistance which can raise fuel consumption by almost 20% when driving at higher speeds.

7.Limit Air Conditioning

Before you reach for the AC button, try opening a window when driving in the city or using the air re-circulate option on highways. Air-conditioners can increase fuel consumption by 10% to 20%.

8.Plan Ahead

Try to group your errands by location and map out your route ahead of time to avoid traffic or congestion. Combining trips saves unnecessary driving and decreases fuel consumption.

9.Shed the Weight

Constantly carrying unnecessarily heavy items burns more gas. Every added 25 kilograms of weight on a mid-size car increases fuel consumption by about 1%.

10.Accelerate and Decelerate Correctly

Accelerating gently and coasting to decelerate uses less fuel and makes for a smoother ride.

Follow these eco-driving tips to save money when driving. Our Finance Centre will help you trade-in your car for a newer and more fuel-efficient vehicle that will make your bank account happier in the long run.

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